I have always heard that small things do great wonders and epilators do prove this phrase. Epilators are basically, as you know small electronic devices that remove your excessive, unwanted hair by pulling out the hair right from the roots. It is almost like the tweezing but is usually a faster more advanced method.

It is interesting to know how these epilators actually work. How is it that they pull out the hair right the roots and by thus doing, delay hair-growth for a longer time? On the head of these epilators there is a tight spring that vibrates. As you move it on your skin, you can actually feel the head spinning and its vibrations. This is where the spring collects the hair and pulls it out quickly from the root.  Yes, this can be a bit painful, just like waxing, but you can use warm water, to reduce the pain considerably. It is just that these epilators do not pull out the skin cells from the skin surface.

Now that you know how the epilators work, you must also know which models or rather what requirements can actually facilitate epilating your skin. There are many models available in the market today and it makes the task of looking for one that works for you, easier. The two-speeds and two-headed models obtainable in the market make hair removal faster and easier as well. If you are a novice with epilators, I would recommend that you apply a pain softener to ease the pain and make the process more bearable. You can also choose to wax first before epilating so that you make the process simpler and faster. It is certainly not a permanent solution to unwanted hair but at least it helps one gain that smooth hairless skin that stays for a longer period.

Again, let me say that yes, it can be a painful process, but then, these epilators are convenient and leave no mess if you use at home. Then again, why just home? They can be used anywhere; I mean, they are generally portable so they can be carried along anywhere including your workplace or when you’re travelling. Some of these devices use battery while some are electrical.  Trust me, with time, the skin will get used to epilating and the pan will become more bearable.

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